Our Journey so far

For the love of football, two university friends, Surya and Srini
 started ALLABOUTFPL on 22nd July 2019.

With some TLC, they began by putting out 3 blogs a week which
soon escalated to 10 blogs garnering an average of 60,000 views per week

The bud of ALLABOUTFPL that started as a tag team arguing over
a Manchester Derby currently has 58 and counting analytical writers.

Presently, the two juggle their 9 to 5 jobs and ALLABOUTFPL
to produce the finest FPL and PL content on the website viewed by 1.9 million people from 220 countries during the 2021/22
FPL season. In the 2022/23 season over 3.0 million people visited the website!

Along with Surya and Srini, Anirudh KK is another key member of the team he’s also a university friend of the duo and the mastermind behind the famous ALLABOUTFPL differentials blog!

The website is also the home to one of the best Captaincy metrics in FPL written and developed by Anurag Khetan(@AK_FPL1) one of the key contributors to the blog along with Surya, Srini, and Anirudh KK.

Within a span of 4 years, our team has churned out a total of
1600+ blog posts covering the last three seasons. 

What started off as a passionate side project went on to become the 2nd best Fantasy football website with over 3.0 Million views in a year

Our sole goal is to produce the best FPL and Fantasy Football content that’s out on the internet for FREE.

Currently, ALLABOUTFPL is ranked the 2nd best fantasy football site and we’ll not seize until we become the number one.

Awards & Recognition

In October 2021, ALLABOUTFPL made it to the finals of the prestigious football content awards held in London, UK. This was a great feat considering ALLABOUTFPL was founded only in 2019 and was already sharing spaces with some of the best football content creators in the world.

We were not only there as finalists but also won the bronze for the best in the fantasy football editorial category making us the first website to have achieved such a feat from India.

The following year we won the Silver award at the Football Content Awards held in Manchester!

What makes winning the Bronze & Sivler awards at Football Content Awards, 2021 & 2022 even special is that the websites that finished first and second are fully run companies with full-time employees. Whereas we won whilst not running the website full time and did so through sheer passion and dedication towards producing quality FPL content for free!

Our Mission

FPL is a global game with more than 10 million managers and we at ALLABOUTFPL strive to produce quality content available for free to help every single FPL manager playing the game. 

AllaboutFPL has always been free so far and will be free in the future as well. 

Our Numbers So Far


We have added 850+ blogs over the course of the last three seasons 


The team has grown from just two to over 50 writers currently. If you want to write for us, do contact us via email or Twitter!

Blog views

The blogs have been read by more than 30,00,000 times by users across 220 countries during the 2022/23 Premier League season


Our Editorial Team

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Readers Testimonials

What people say?

Thank you for your hardwork and effort. ALLABOUTFPL is a superb site for our community and we are grateful for it. All love bro Red heart
FPL Vigorish
These guys and their differential blogs are worth their weight in gold.
Lateriser, Pranil
3* Top 200 FPL Finishes, Co host, fpl wiRE
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